Three Kings Day Celebration at PRUP

Three Kings Day Celebration at PRUP


PRUP’s History

Puerto Rican Unity for Progress is a multi- service organization located in the City Camden that serves low-income Camden County residents with emphasis on the Hispanic population. We provide bilingual (Spanish speaking) services to our Camden County residents which include job readiness skills and referrals, housing referrals, health and nutrition initiatives, senior empowerment, education, and youth programs.

For over 40 years, PRUP has successfully provided direct social services and managed public funded grants for the city, county, and state. Since 1976, PRUP was incorporated as a non-profit entity targeting its services to the 14,231 Hispanic residents of Camden at that time. Most recently, according to Data USA (2018), the population of Camden City, NJ has risen to 75,550 with 48.5% who identify themselves as Hispanic or Latino, and 45.7% of the totals are non-English language speakers. The target has grown from 14,231 to 36,641Hispanics showing the need for agencies such as PRUP to continue services especially for non-native speakers. For this, PRUP seeks to remain a leading multi-service organization in Camden County by adding new programs as well as expanding its existing services.


Ricardo Camacho, Executive Director

Iris Cuevas, Project Coordinator

Carmen Sepulveda, Instructor

Marangely Hernandez, Receptionist & Youth Coach