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Case Management
PRUP has been targeting the major areas of concern to our community, such as employment, housing, economic opportunities, legal advocacy, education, training and health services through referrals and linkages.

Case ManagementEmployment Services
The employment services are designed to link the unemployed with existing job opportunities. Through aggressive marketing strategies, sought, prospective employees are properly screened and selected in accordance with their skills, educational background and previous working experience. They are then matched with existing employment opportunities. Technical assistance is given to clients in order to prepare them for their interview. This assistance includes resume writing, interviewing techniques, time management, affective functioning, budgeting, and information about transportation, childcare availability, as well as placement and referral.

Employment ServicesTraining/Education
Those clients who wish to improve their qualifications for employment are link to programs that offer GED, English as a Second Language (ESL), business trade schools, and institutions of higher learning.

Training/EducationHousing Services
PRUP is currently dealing with the almost impossible task of obtaining information on adequate, affordable and decent housing. Individuals are provided with assistance and information regarding energy issues and they are assisted with the completion of applications and other housing related referrals.

Housing ServicesEntitlements
There is a segment of the population who, based on need have to depend on public assistance. There are also the frail, the old and the disabled who need assistance in securing goods and services. These segments of the population receive assistance in securing Social Security, SSI, AFDC, Medicaid and Food Stamps, as well as, linkage to access their specific needs. PRUP’s Case Management is design to provide access to goods and services through the direct provision of information, referral, advocacy, transportation, interpretation and translation services.

EntitlementsLegal Related
PRUP will assist clients with applying for Social Security, SSI, AFDC, unemployment and any other entitlement, hearings or make appropriate referrals to the Legal Aid programs and other sources of help.

Assists women over 40 years of age, who do not have medical insurance, save lives let mammograms that show in getting free mammograms. Studies us help you.

SUSAN G. KOMEN BREAST CANCER AWARENESS AND PREVENTIONPOSSE (Positive Opportunities for Success, Self-sufficiency, and Education)
Is a Program designed and implemented by PRUP to assist at risk Camden County Youth, ages 9-18, at the various Family Success Centers throughout Camden County. The primary focus of the POSSE program is to reinforce the student’s education through tutoring while providing them with educational and skill building workshops such as Job readiness, Computer Literacy, Health, Nutrition, & Exercise, and Drug/Violence Prevention.

online learning software. Subjects covered vary from Math, An extensive classes range from kindergarten to post English, Science, etc., secondary level, and includes test preparation. GED courses are also available through this program.

The components of the Financial Empowerment Network include Cultural competent, multi-lingual services.

  • Wealth Building – The Wealth Building Component comprises strategies that will help families to strengthen their financial capability including: education, coaching, peer support/accountability groups, and consistent connections to the assigned financial coach.
  • Training and services include: Financial literacy, financial planning/budgeting, home buying programs, housing (mortgage modification/ affordable housing), investment strategies, credit counseling, banking programs and services, establishing individual accounts
  • Workforce Development – Job readiness (resume writing, job search, interviews techniques including how to complete job applications) and job development services, will be delivered through PRUP and the Local One Stop Career Center.
  • Access to Income Supports/Public Private Benefits – PRUP coordinates services to ensure that all families receive benefit, assistance, credit screening/application assistance; access/referral to free tax preparation and referrals to local agencies.
  • Young adult and the FINRA Financial Education in Your community.
  • Resources and other curriculum materials and tools will be used to deliver the program.

The Senior Programs is directed to Spanish speaking individuals who are 60 years old or older who reside in the City of Camden with the purpose to assist them with the development and implementation of social skills. This will also give them the opportunities to access available resources in the community.

We will be offering activities like:

  • Health Workshops
  • Computer Literacy Workshops
  • Reading & Writing Workshops
  • and other activities.

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